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Yellowstone National Park

Old Faithful Geyser Basin

September 2013


Hello and welcome to my personal homepage.    

Current Activities

I have been working in the Internet networking technology field for over 20 years and currently provide Internet architecture consulting work through 8 Continents Networks, LLC.

I have also been involved with the development of public policy for Internet number resources through the Regional Internet Registries and I currently hold a seat on the ARIN advisory council.

I am also the primary author and contributor of a blog on IP Addressing.   
IP Address News - http://www.ipaddressnews.com

Personal blog

I've been writing on my blog since early 2006. The entries include parts of my journal from my 2006 round the world trip plus a number of other trips I've been able to take in the past couple of years. I hope you enjoy.

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Photo Gallery

Over the years I've gathered quite the collection of photos from my adventures. For access to the photo gallery please drop me a note via email for a username and password.

Thank you for stopping by,
Andrew Dul